dc501 “Phun With Sound” Talk

dc501 “Phun With Sound” Talk

My recent “musical interlude” post reminded me of talk I gave to dc501 about sound and sound synthesis. This talk is more of an entry level thing, nothing new for you old hands, but I just wanted to share it here.

Oh, and if the first thing you do on digging out the synth gear is play the Buckaroo Banzai theme, does that mean you have issues?

dc501 sound talk presented by FirmWarez. This is the .pps version, that is “power point show”. I went with this u$oft format because it embeds all the sounds.

The talk covers some basics of sound, like what different waveforms sound like, and basics of sound synthesis. The Defcon 18 badge hack entry I worked on is discussed as well. I even managed to connect an infosec/crytpo concept to techniques used in musical synthesizers.

dc501 sound talk presented by FirmWarez.

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