What is dc501?

dc501 is a Defcon affiliated group for self identified hackers, be they infosec, makers, coders, modders, circuit benders, hardware developers, lock pickers, phreakers, or others interested in all things related to technology.

The original members came together out of mutual interest in starting a hackerspace in central Arkansas, which is still one of our goals. Our members have a wide range of interests and projects, including gaming, information security, arduino based projects, linux, applications development, make, the usual range of interests with regards to hands-on tech types. Our core group are all technology professionals: programmers, developers, penetration testers, engineers, technicians.

We meet twice a month, with the exception of the winter holiday season and during the month of Defcon. Our meetings have included technical talks, lock picking demonstrations, tamper evident challenges, and a capture the flag contest. Typically we meet in the Little Rock/North Little Rock area.

There’s more information at our web site, dc501.org, and check out our friends at Arkansas Geek Central for upcoming dc501 meetings and other tech/geeky things to do in Arkansas and the surrounding areas. You can usually find one or more members on irc: irc.arkgeeks.com, #CAIA.

(image taken at Defcon 19 of the dc501 badge, with cool aliasing due to digit scan rate)

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