Machining and Prototyping

Machining and Prototyping

Have been doing quite a bit of machine shop work building enclosure prototypes for a start-up I’m involved with.

The device is designed to mount to a standard rail, for those of you whom that means anything. The enclosures are tubular, about the size of a small flashlight.

Current design has a stack of board elements — battery connection, main processor/sensor board, and display — that is held in place by a press fit ring. Final enclosures will be hard black anodized.

Turning and boring operations:



Milling a slot to connect in-circuit programming tool:
(slot is for development work only; will not be present on final product)

milling slot

Various pieces:


Press fit board stack retainer:

pressing retainer in place

Retainer in place:

retainer in place

Prototype running on bench:

running proto

Two different versions:

display options

Stack of protos:

various prototypes on machine

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