Meta FirmWarez

Meta FirmWarez

Popping the stack a bit. Every now and then I get a question or comment from readers about me, my blog, and the goings on at Obfuscated Labs. I thought I’d take a break from my irregular commentary and answer some meta-FirmWarez questions.

1) Pwnies? Come on man!

Fuck you. Yes, pwnies.

2) I still don’t get all the “pony” pronouns? Somepony? Anypony?

I’m sorry you’re retarded. Ponies, ok?

3) What is your deal?

Having phun. Hacking stuff. Building stuff.

What’s your deal? Don’t have anything better to do than send me mildly irritating e-mail?

4) Such language!

Fuck you.

5) You use the word “stuff” a lot. That doesn’t sound very sophisticated.

You actually take this blog seriously? I’m here to have phun talking about hack/tech/make, not to be sophisticated!

6) Deadmouse?

Yep. <deadmouse>.

7) I understand you’ve done a lot of work with embedded TCP/IP stacks. Our project involves a Microchip PIC32 running their TCP/IP stack as well as the “MiWi” 802.15.4 stack. It totally blows up. What gives?

Well, somepony at M’chip decided to change the typedefs or something in their “TICK” union. I’m sure this was done for a ‘good reason’, but if you’re the guy developing around it sucks. If you want to use both of these stacks together, right now, and can’t wait for M’chip to fix it, you have to go through one of the stacks and change all objects of type TICK so that they are the same across both stacks. If I recall correctly, it is easiest to change the 802.15.4 stack. It is a pain!

Also, if you miss something, the processor will blow off in to the weeds, as we used to say. Make good use of the exception traps supported by this microcontroller family; that will save the day.

Admittedly this was the issue a little while ago, you might want to check and see what versions of each stack you have and consider getting the latest ones to see if the problem has been fixed.

Good luck!

8) How dare you!

Fuck you.

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