Pre-defcon “Spot the Fed”?

Pre-defcon “Spot the Fed”?

So we were heading to defcon 21, and made a fuel stop in Kingman, AZ, before heading up state highway 93 in to Henderson and then Las Veags.

There was a convoy of unmarked vehicles at the gas station, attended to by gents with buzz cuts, shoulder tattoos, and deep sun tans. Yeah, ex military looking types. They all had lanyards with badges; one was heading to the gas station with the badge out, his teammates apparently ribbing him until he put the badge under his t-shirt as they had.

Check out the two “normal” vans with all that up top space for electronics and other gear. Somewhere on I-40 driving back home we saw another convoy like this. We were eastbound, they were westbound, somewhere in New Mexico. Glossy brown big van, support vans with room for gear, big black pickup, tinted windows, no markings.

Makes you wonder what’s going on out there.

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