Two Guns

Two Guns

We were heading back from Defcon 21 along the mother road, Interstate 40. Somewhere between Flagstaff and Winslow is a no place called Two Guns, Arizona. It seemed the hacker thing to do to stop and check it out.

Two Guns is a modern route 66 ghost town, built next to the remains of another ghost town, Canyon Diablo. Canyon Diablo is both the canyon, and the name of a settlement that grew there due to a work stoppage on a railway. You can read about that on the internets, but be sure to check out the story of the Canyon Diablo Shootout.

Bridge across Canyon Diablo

So why include this in my “hacker” blog? Because seeing these things, the world that most people just pass by, is the hacker way. It’s true of everything we touch and do. We see that there are valid realities and options that most don’t want to see, filter out, or can’t imagine. It’s true when we are deep in the network, working on hardware, driving down the road; even in our personal relationships.

Cage that was part of roadside attraction ‘zoo’

Cage ruins

So fifteen minutes of stepping off the interstate; of letting possibility win out over paved path to normal, means we see something different, exciting, maybe learn, maybe just ponder. It’s the mindset of hackers and adventurers, and all those who realize that what “they” say you should do is just a big load of bullshit.

Life is what you make of it. Believe that you can be more and do more. I once promised the possibility of adventure. I do my best to keep those promises.


Modern Two Guns ruins past the bridge


Tonal Poem

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